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Fluid Leaks

Fluid Leaks

Leaks can be difficult to identify and some can lead to serious problems with your vehicle. To help identify leaks there are three basic things to keep in mind. Location, Color and Consistency.

Engine Oil is the most common type of fluid leak. Most oil leaks occur under the engine. In most cars the engine is located in the front of the car, but that is not a rule. Engine oil is very dark brown or black, thick and should be very slick. Used oil may smell slightly of fuel and may have a slight burnt odor. Most engine oil leaks come from oil pan, valve covers, oil filter or the oil pan plug.

Anti-Freeze is most commonly green, but can be found in a variety of colors including yellow, red and pink and is slightly thicker consistency then water. It is slick to the touch and has a very distinct "sweet" smell. They are usually found at the front of the car near the radiator, but sometimes can be found right under the exhaust. Anti-freeze under the exhaust can indicate an internal anti-freeze leak and should be repaired immediately to avoid serious engine repairs.

Transmission Fluid will normally be found in the center of the vehicle under the transmission. Transmission fluid is normally red in color, thick and should be very slick. Transmission fluid has a very distinctive petroleum smell. If it is a smoky dark color, or has a burned odor a complete change is needed, but damage to the transmission may have already been done.

Power Steering and Break Fluid both look and feel very similar. They are both thin hydraulic oils. Power steering fluid tends to be a bit darker then break fluid. They are both very slick to the touch. Power steering fluid is usually found at the front of the car by the power steering pump and hoses. Break fluid can be found anywhere along the length of the car under the front of the car and behind the wheels. Break fluid leaks should be repaired immediately because they can cause a safety issue. Safety First!

Fuel Leaks can be easily identified by smell. You should not smell any fuel while your car is operating normally. Fuel leaks present a serious safety hazard, is extremely bad for the environment and fuel is very expensive so fuel leaks should be repaired immediately.

Rear Differential is found on rear wheel drive vehicles and four wheel drive vehicles. The rear differential is located in the back of the vehicles between the two rear wheels. Rear differential oil is very thick black oil and it is heavier then engine oil. Leaks usually happen as the seal ages and needs to be replaced.

Many parts that help move fluids around your vehicle will age over time. As hoses and seals age they can become brittle and crack causing leaks. Repairing helps with keeping the major, expensive components in your vehicle working at their best.

Our knowledgeable service advisors will be happy to provide answers for all your auto repair needs. To schedule an appointment, get a Free Estimate or any questions please call (970) 635-9760 or Contact Us.

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