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Lamp Bulbs & Fuse Replacement

Engle Automotive of Loveland, Colorado

Every electrical current in your car is protected with fuses or circuit breakers. Replacing the fuse is the first step in determining if there is a real problem in the circuit or only a bad fuse.

Properly maintaining your bulbs, headlights and fuses is vital to the safe operation of your vehicle, as well as the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Generally, most lighting problems are the result of burned-out bulbs or fuses.

There are actually two types of automotive fuse: glass tube or blade. If your car was made before, say 1980 or so, you probably have the tube style fuses. These are actually available in either the very old glass tube, or the slightly more modern plastic mount. Both of these are shaped like a small torpedo and are easy to install.

The other type, and the kind of fuse you most likely have in your car, is the blade style. These plug into your fuse box. Check to see what type of fuse you have so that you can keep a few spares around.

Engle Automotive can replace any type of bulb or fuse that maybe not working properly. Please call for a Free Quote concerning a burned out lampbulb or electrical that this not working correctly.

Our knowledgeable service advisors will be happy to provide answers for all your auto repair needs. To schedule an appointment, get a Free Estimate or any questions please call (970) 635-9760 or Contact Us.

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