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Diesel Services

We perform all Diesel Repairs & Diesel Emissions Testing

Engle Automotive of Loveland, Colorado

Diesel powered vehicles are quickly becoming the primary type of light duty truck used for pulling or hauling loads because of the engine power, longevity & economy compared to similar gasoline powered light duty trucks.

One attribute of most diesel powered light duty vehicles is the available power that can be "tapped into" for additional engine performance. The use of Performance Modules or Power Programers have become a very popular and common modification that will increase an engine's horsepower and torque. Some of the power programers and modules are capable of adding as much as 240 Horsepower above the stock level!

Most people realize the "Domino Effect" that changing one thing within any engineered system will have a cause and effect on other components. This theory comes into play when engine control parameters are changed (such as using a power programer or performance module). Simply stated as ANY engine makes more power the need for increased fuel, air volume and exhaust efficiency become a part of the "domino effect" mentioned earlier.

  • Engle Automotive Diesel Services Include:
  • Diesel Emission Testing
    Engle Automotive offers Diesel Emmisions Testing and Repair Services
  • Diesel Engine Swap
    Time for a New Engine? Call Engle Automotive for a Free Quote!
  • Diesel Repair Services
    Repair services include diesel engine repair, diesel exhaust problems and fuel injector problems and emission repair.

Our knowledgeable service advisors will be happy to provide answers for all your auto repair needs. To schedule an appointment, get a Free Estimate or any questions please call (970) 635-9760 or Contact Us.

We Service All Makes & Models Including:

Acura Motor Company Audi Motor Company Cadillac Motor Company BMW Motor Company Cheverolet Motor Company Dodge Motor Company Ford Motor Company General Motors Motor Company Honda Motor Company Hyundai Motor Company Lexus Motor Company Mazda Motor Company Mitshubishi Motor Company Nissan Motor Company Saturn Motor Company Toyota Motor Company Volkswagon Motor Company
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